The Spy Watch Israeli Six-Episode Television Mini-Series

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The Spy Watch Israeli Six-Episode Television Mini-Series

The Spy is a six-episode television mini-series that aired on Netflix in 2019. The show is based on the real-life story of Israeli spy Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the Syrian government in the 1960s and provided intelligence to the Israeli government. The show was created by Gideon Raff and stars Sacha Baron Cohen as Eli Cohen.

Israeli Six-Episode Television Mini-Series
Espionage | The Spy Watch Israeli Six-Episode Television Mini-Series

The Spy received critical acclaim for its strong writing, compelling performances, and authentic portrayal of the era. Sacha Baron Cohen gives a standout performance as Eli Cohen, capturing the character’s intelligence, charm, and vulnerability. The show is also well-produced, with strong attention to historical detail and authentic sets and costumes.

One of the standout aspects of The Spy is its depiction of the complex and often dangerous world of espionage, as Eli Cohen must navigate the challenges and risks of working as a spy in a foreign country. The show is known for its high-stakes action and suspense, as well as its emotional and character-driven storylines.

Overall, The Spy is a must-watch for fans of spy dramas and historical dramas, and is a testament to the enduring appeal of the real-life story of Eli Cohen.

The Spy Watch Israeli Six-Episode Television Mini-Series

The Immigrant

Mossad recruits Eli, an Egyptian-born spy, and puts him through a crash course in espionage in an effort to acquire an agent inside Syria.

What’s New, Buenos Aires?

Eli establishes his cover persona in Buenos Aires and strikes up a chance encounter. But his zeal risks the success of the entire endeavour.

The Spy Watch Israeli Six-Episode Television Mini-Series

Alone in Damascus

Eli is an effective ally. Dan worries that despite the swift success of the first operations in Damascus, Eli’s audacious tactics would result in his death.

The Odd Couples

Eli’s attempt to report on a covert military base puts his mission in peril. Nadia struggles to raise the kids alone herself at home.

Fish Gotta Swim

Eli moves closer to the seat of Syrian authority following a deadly coup. The emotional demands of the job, however, are quite taxing.


Israel is getting ready to attack a Syrian target that Eli has located, but suspicion is growing around him. Retaliation is prompt and brutal.

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